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Sketching Basics: One Point Perspective
Drawing Masterclass
The Language of Fashion Design
Designing the Editorial Experience
The Doll Scene
Drawing Type An Introduction to Illustrating Letterforms
Fashion Notecards Artwork by Maite LaFuente
48th Publication Design Annual
Sketching Masterclass
1,000 Dog Portraits
Sketching Basics: One Point Perspective
Drawing Masterclass
The Language of Fashion Design
Designing the Editorial Experience
The Doll Scene
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About Us

Looking for the latest in design industry trends or graphic art reference? There's a book for that at Rockport Publishers. Rockport creates beautifully illustrated source books for professional designers and artisans of all types. Rockport’s books present the best in design work from around the world and bring readers inside the world’s most talented design and art studios to see how the work gets done and the inspiration that lies behind each finished piece.


February 26,2014
Quarto (LSE: QRT.L), the leading global illustrated book publisher and distribution group, on February 26 announced a rebrand of its publishing divisions, comprising new names and a new visual identity, which better represents how the divisions work together. With shared domestic, international and foreign language sales teams Quarto is one integrated supplier to customers worldwide. The new names and logos make this clear while capitalizing on the company’s 38-year-old heritage. Learn More.
September 9,2013
If you're anything like many people, you gravitate towards anything fashion-related, soaking up all the information you can find. Well, Alicia Kennedy has made it easier for us to do that with her new book, Fashion Designed, Referenced, written in collaboration with Emily Banis Stoehrer and Jay Calderin. Armed with dazzling photos and a handy historical timeline, this is a one-stop resource on the path to becoming a fashion know-it-all. Learn More.
September 9,2013
Designers & Books' September dozen features highly regarded British product designer Tom Dixon’s new book, a compendium of Dutch architecture firm MVRDV's buildings, and Fashion Design, Referenced, a comprehensive guide to the art and industry of fashion design. Among other titles are a two-volume edition of the work of 20th-century Japanese designer Shiro Kuramata, a collection of toys for budding architects, and an exploration of the colorful life of early 20th-century type designer Frederic Warde. Learn More.


Fifth Annual Independent Handbag Designer Awards
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